WinMX is a free file sharing program like no other. Once you have downloaded the WinMX client and installed it on your computer, you will then have access to millions of free downloads and a massive community full of users from all over the world. WinMX has chat rooms and if you want to use the chat rooms then you will make friends and chat with other users from all over the world while you are downloading and sharing your files.

The chat rooms you can expect to see on the network range anything from music, movie, games, computer help, WinMX Help Rooms_ trivia, dating or just general everyday chat rooms. The WinMX client has features that allows each user to host their own chat rooms when they are connected to the network as a primary connection or by downloading a third party WinMX chat server. Ports will need to be opened when using a router to connect to the internet. What ports you must open will depend on what chat server you use to host your own channel.

WinMX has two ways of connecting to the network, Primary or Secondary. It is recommended and its better for the network if all users connect to the network through a primary connection. A primary connection will require users to open ports TCP=6699 and UDP=6257. If you don’t know how to open ports in your router or firewall, then a secondary connection should be sufficient and enable you to use WinMX. Remember help is always available at any of the WinMX help channels on the network. The people who use the network are typically very generous and will help you even if they haven’t even met you before.

When you connect as a primary connection, the connection is normally more stable. When you connect as a primary connection you are also helping the network by allowing secondary users to connect to the network because of your primary connection. The more primary user’s on the network the better and stronger the network becomes and equally the users themselves, the more users we have using the network the better and faster the network becomes so please if you like WinMX? Help us spread the word its vital for the survival of the network we continue to get more new users.

WinMX was developed to work on Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP. WinMX has also been tested and works without any issues on Windows Vista /7 / 8 / 10 / 11. WinMX can also run on Linux through Wine. Wine is an application that allows you to run Windows programs on a Linux system.  And for any of you advanced users, yes WinMX can run on some android phones. Through Wine or many Windows simulators.  

Requirements; Pentium 166 w/ 64MB ram or more recommended.

WinMX users can download and share every type of file over the network. The most common file types are music, video, pictures. Other types can be added and allowed through the program’s settings. WinMX has a file-size restriction limiting files to 2GB in size.

Since WinMX was abandoned in 2005, ordinary WinMX users of all skills and levels come together to create a patch that would once again allow WinMX users to connect to the network.

Very quickly we became more knowledgeable, not only in the way we help WinMX users by opening help channels, forums, and websites but in the way, users can connect to the network.

In the past users would download a clean version of WinMX then you would be required to install the hosts file. The hosts file was the connection patch that allowed WinMX users to once again re-connect to the network.

At the beginning using the hosts file to connect to the network was genius. The WinMX program we all knew and loved was once again fully functional however, using the hosts file as a means of connecting to the network meant the network was a little bit vulnerable in certain areas to attacks from anti p2p companies who wanted the network to be shut down for good. The network and our servers got hit by major attacks daily and sometimes fake files could show up in the search results.

This is why it is really important, if you want to download WinMX and for the best and safest experience possible please only use current versions of winmx pr patch from or Both Patches are almost exactly the same except for the MXPie Patch United v1.0 has

WinMX users were urged to install a third-party blocking program such as Peer Guard and use block lists to block those bad IP Addresses, flooding and attacking the network. This was all well and good when you are an experienced user, but this made things more complicated for the new or the average user who got confused with all this so lots of users didn’t have the recommended settings for the network.

WinMX inspired lots of programmers who started writing programs for the network. They started writing new patches that meant users weren’t required to install a hosts file or third-party applications like peer guard to protect them anymore.

We had lots of very talented programmers who dedicated their time to the network by writing new WinMX chat Servers making it easier for users to host their own Chat rooms and WinMX chat clients. Chat clients are a third party written by a developer for users to connect to the network via a client. WinMX client allows users to share files, but a chat client typically would only allow the user to connect to a chat room but wouldn’t allow that client to download or share files.